The Grand Arcanum

This game is held in a world wiped clean by a great mutagen plague a thousand years ago. Nature Has reclaimed the world and the Mutagen has passed and the vaults which held mankind safely away have opened and recolonization may now begin.

We begin in the vault Arcanum, the US Military took every Psychic in the nation and put them inside the vault with a force of Scientists, Medical Personnel, and Soldiers. After thirty three generations every last member of the vault has developed some sizable amount of psychic potential. Military rule is still enforced and noncompliance is met with Isolation or Death.

Arcanum is ruled now by a council of representatives. Each tasked to over see one of the five primary facilities. Security, Medical, Resource-Management, Social, and Manufacturing. Each facility is a full fledged organization even though they work together to improve the whole of the Vault.

Notable NPCs

Mage The Modern Arcanum